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Programmes Overview

The Chartered Institute of Administrators and Management Consultants-Ghana (CIAMC) is a professional examining, licensing, and regulatory institution. CIAMC was incorporated under the company’s code, 1963, (Act 179) as a private company limited by guarantee, on 11th May 2001 and was duly registered on 20th January 2004 as a Professional Body in accordance with the provisions of the Professional Bodies Registration Decree 1973 (NRCD 143). The purpose of the Institute is to promote excellence in the practice of professional administration and management consultancy by training and chartering its members.

What is in for you?

The Award:

  • Chartered Professional Administrator (ChPA)
  • Chartered Management Consultant (CMC)


Start as an Affiliate or Licentiate Member by registering through any of these three entry options:

  • Pre-Professional Licensing Examinations- entry point for HND and Bachelor Degree holders
  • Professional Licensing Programme- entry point for Master’s degree or higher holder or a Chartered member of a recognized professional body.
  • Experienced Practicing Administrators and Consultants 

i.  Senior corporate executives in private, public, and NGO sectors with a relevant postgraduate qualification and administration experience;

 ii. Senior corporate executives in private, public, and NGO sectors with a relevant postgraduate qualification and consulting experience

iii. Experienced Practicing Administrators And Consultants

iv. Direct Admission

  1. Mandatory Continuing Professional Development Programme - for members and the general public
  2. Contemporary Consulting Skill Improvement Workshops - for practicing consultants and administrators.
  3. Customized and General Training for Organizations and the General Public


  • SHS Holders:

A) Basic Level (Foundation Parts I, II, & III)

Part I: Personal & Organizational Ethics, Organizations and Value Creation

Part II: Business Law, Quantitative Methods in Business

Part III: Office Administration Principles, Leadership and Management Development

  • HND Holders:

B) Operational Level (Intermediate Parts I & II)

Part I: Introduction to Public Administration, Management Consultancy Principles

Part II: Procurement and Logistics Management

  • Barchelor Degree Holders:

C) Management Level (Professional Parts I, II & III)

Part I: Enterprise Wide Risk Management, Leadership and Corporate Governance

Part II: Operations Management, Organizational Development and Change

Part III: Professional Administrative Management

  • Professional Administration Practice

Internship for management and leadership skills development, Decision making techniques and theories, Management challenge project, Development of intervention, Stakeholder engagement work plan design, Needs assessment and baseline survey, Contemporary Issues and Best Practices in Public Administration, Administrative Law, Management of White Collar Crime, Professional Ethics and Codes of Practice, Health, Safety and Work Environment Management.

  • Management Consultancy Practice

Concepts, Theories, and Models, Concept paper and proposal writing, Procurement Law and Consultancy Services Procurement, Writing of expression of interest, Technical proposal, Financial proposal, Consulting grouping and competitive bidding, Needs assessment and baseline survey consulting, Contract Law and Contract Negotiation

  • Strategic Auditing Project

Current Situation: (Balanced Scorecard and financial ratios), Corporate Governance: (Principles, Theories and analysis), External Environment: (Principles, natural, societal, & task), Internal Environment: (Principles, Structure, culture & resources), Analysis of Strategic Factors: (EFAS, IFAS, TOWS, & QSPM analysis), Alternatives and Recommendations: (AHP, SSF & Implementation: (Feasibility studies & Business planning) Evaluation and Control: (Principles, Types: feedforward, concurrent, and feedback, Control process, Evaluation Methods and Processes)

  • Programme Duration

Two (2) years

  • Lectures/Tutorials – Twice or once a month, and on weekends (Saturday or Sunday) Lectures are held at all regional centres
  • Tuition at CIAMC is very flexible and affordable
  • Fellow
  • Full Member
  • Associate Member
  • Licentiate Member
  • Graduate Member
  • Affiliate Member
  • Every member of the Institute is entitled to a certificate of membership indicating the  membership status. Every such certificate remains the property of the Institute and on demand or cessation of membership, must be returned to the Institute. Members are guilty of gross misconduct if they use the certificate when their annual subscriptions are in arrears.
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The purpose of the Institute is to promote excellence in the practice of professional administration and management consultancy by examining, chartering, and regulating its members. The Institute is a body corporate with perpetual succession capable of suing and being sued in its own name and of performing such acts as are necessary for and incidental to the achievement of its objects, the exercise of its powers and the performance of its functions and duties under this Constitution or under any statute of the Republic of Ghana. The vision of CIAMC is to be a leading institution in Africa, promoting and ensuring professionalism in the practice of administration and management consultancy through life-long learning.