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Experienced Consultants Overview

Our CMC certification process confirms your education,  continuing professional development, and commitment to the highest ethical standards, and our examiners rigorously assess your consulting engagements and competence to apply the knowledge and skills defined in Institute’s Competency Framework and Certification Scheme for Chartered Management Consultants. This framework has been revised to adopt the global standards for consulting crafted by the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI).

The CMC certificate mark behind your name is one way to differentiate yourself from other consultants worldwide.

» Our Three Application Options:

  • The entry point for consultants with a minimum of three (3) up to nine (9) years of management consulting experience as independent or internal consultants with five satisfactory clients evaluations. Applicant must have a Bachelor's degree or at least 5 years of work experience including 3 years of full-time consulting plus significant professional education in management consulting, and pass a written and oral examinations.
  • The entry point for consultants with a minimum of ten (10) years of working experience as an independent or internal consultant. Applicant must meet the Basic Level requirements. The scope of the written and oral examination may be reduced by taking challenge examinations.
  • For high-level managers with 20 or more years experience with at least 3 years of consulting with clients and accountability for successful completion of projects involving management consultants and otherwise meeting requirements of the Basic track. The scope of the written and oral examination may be reduced by taking a challenge examination.
  • Submit a  CMC Direct Registration  Application with supporting documentation to CIAMC Ghana Office, answering a set of questions and including five written engagement summaries and provide contact information for five clients who will be requested to complete a client evaluation form. 
  • After receipt of five satisfactory client evaluations and a review of your application,  the applicant shall take the  Ethics and  Consulting Competency examination, about one hour each. 
  • Pass a Peer Review Oral Examination with three senior consultants who are CMCs. There are four parts: presentation of one of your engagements, answering questions on engagement management, answering questions on ethics, and answering questions on consulting core competencies.

How Long Does It Take?

The process can take as little as two months, depending on how quickly your references are submitted and they complete a client evaluation, when you pass the online examinations, and when you schedule your panel interview.

CMC Renewal

CMC certification renewal is due January 30th of every second year from your original certification date. CMC must affirm at each renewal that they will continue to comply with the Institute's Code of Ethics.



The purpose of the Institute is to promote excellence in the practice of professional administration and management consultancy by examining, chartering, and regulating its members. The Institute is a body corporate with perpetual succession capable of suing and being sued in its own name and of performing such acts as are necessary for and incidental to the achievement of its objects, the exercise of its powers and the performance of its functions and duties under this Constitution or under any statute of the Republic of Ghana. The vision of CIAMC is to be a leading institution in Africa, promoting and ensuring professionalism in the practice of administration and management consultancy through life-long learning.