Chartered Institute of Administrators & Management Consultants - Ghana

The purpose of the Institute is to promote excellence in the practice of professional administration and management consultancy by examining, chartering, and regulating its members. The Institute is a body corporate with perpetual succession capable of suing and being sued in its own name and of performing such acts as are necessary for and incidental to the achievement of its objects, the exercise of its powers and the performance of its functions and duties under this Constitution or under any statute of the Republic of Ghana. The vision of CIAMC is to be a leading institution in Africa, promoting and ensuring professionalism in the practice of administration and management consultancy through life-long learning.

CIAMC Objectives:

The Institute since its establishment has worked towards the achievement of the following objectives among others:

• To achieve total national and international recognition for its research and promotion of modern practice of professional administration and related allied institutions;
•    To co-operate with Government Higher institutions, professional and examining institutions worldwide in developing a coherent system of advanced education and research in professional administration and related disciplines;
• To conduct examination and other tests to assess skills and knowledge of persons seeking to become members of the institute; to issue degrees and professional license to such persons after passing the prescribed academic and professional examinations and to provide for the use of designatory letters by person granted membership of the institute at various levels;
• To publish journals, books and other educational materials; to establish libraries; to provide advisory services and set up machineries and institutions for the training of persons seeking to become members of the institute and to promote national and international collaborative programmes world-wide. 

1. Registration Details:

The Institute was established and licensed in Ghana, as a Prestigious, Examining, Licensing and Regulatory Professional Body, incorporated under the Companies Code, 1963 (Act 179) as a Company limited by guarantee, on the 11th of May 2001.  After meeting the statutory requirements, on 20th January 2004, the Institute was duly registered as a Professional Body in accordance with the provisions of the Professional Bodies Registration Decree, 1973 (NRCD 143). And on the 19th of April 2004, to reflect the mission and wider aspirations of the institute, the name of the institute was changed by Special Resolution and with the Approval of the Registrar of Professional Bodies to the Chartered Institute of Administrators and Management Consultants-Ghana (CIAMC).

2. Organizational Structure:

The organization structure combines the organizational functions of Governance and Administration. Governance involves policy formulation while administration involves the implementation of Policy.

3.1 Governance:

a) The governing body called the Board of Trustees is the highest policy making organ of the Institute subject to the Annual General Meeting. The Board of Trustees shall be composed of the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Financial Secretary, Chairpersons of the permanent / standing committees of the Board, three other members and the immediate-past Board Chairman (as an ex-officio member who serve only one term after leaving Office). 

b) The Chief Executive Officer shall be the Secretary to the Board. The Deputy CEO or a Senior Management staff shall perform the functions of Recorder in a support role to the Chief Executive Officer. The recorder shall have no voting rights at meetings.

c) The quorum at any meeting of the Board shall be two-third of the members, including the Chairman or Vice- Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer or his deputy.

3.2 Committees:

The Board of Trustees of the Institute shall have the following five permanent standing Committees:

  • Education and Professional Examinations Committee (EPEC)
  • Membership and Continuing Professional Development Committee (MCPDC)
  • Finance and Projects Committee (FPC)
  • Corporate Communications Committee (CCC), and
  • Professional Conduct and Ethics Committee (PCEC)
3.3 The Board of Trustees

CIAMC is governed by its Board of trustees, which ensures that:

The Institute act in the best interests of beneficiaries; Make sure money is spent on purpose intended; Operate within an organisational structure which sets out purpose and rules; and Avoid conflicts of interest.




The professional licensing programme is organized per seminars and instructor session or by private studies.


Professional Licensing

Practicing Management Consultants and Administrators with Master’s degree or equivalent, Senior corporate executives in both private, public, NGO sectors, Holders of CIAMC Professional Postgraduate Diploma or equivalent professional qualifications can apply


CMC Certification

This framework has been revised to adopt the global standards for consulting crafted by the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI).


Experienced Consultants

Direct Registration Form for Experienced Management Consultants

Our Team

team member

Mr. Paul Hammond, FChPA, FCMC

Board Chairman

A Fellow of the Institute, a Professional Administrator and a Chartered Management Consultant, & Chief Executive Officer of Greenfield Microfinance Services Ltd.

team member

Prof Wisdom Gagakuma, MBA, MChPA, MCMC

Vice Chairman

Organizational Development and Project Management expert & formerly the President of Dominion Uni. College, Accra, Ghana

team member

Dr. Ametefee Korbla Normanyo, BSc, MPhil. PhD student, ChPA, MCMC


An Economist and Head of Liberal Studies. Ho Polytechnic University, Ghana

team member

Mrs. Yaa Pokuaa Baiden, B. Pharm, MBA, MChPA, MCMC, ChPA, CMC


She is currently the Chief Pharmacist in charge of the Effia Nkwanta Regional Hospital, Sekondi-Takoradi, Ghana

team member

Professor Samuel Kofi Afrane, BSc, MPhil. PhD. MChPA, MCMC


He is a Chartered Professional Administrator and a Chartered Management Consultant Prof Afrane is the former Provost for College of Arts, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. He is presently the President of the Christian Service University College, Kumasi, Ghana

team member

Mr. S.A. Mawusi, EMBA, MSc, PhD student, MChPA, MCMC, CIPM

CEO & Board Secretary

He is a Training Professional, Strategic Audit Consultant and a Professional Administrator.

team member

Mr. S.A.L. Hammond, MBA, MChPA, MCMC

Financial Secretary (FP COMMITTEE)

Specialist in Management Consultancy, Taxation, Revenue Administration & Project Management. Former Deputy Commissioner in charge of Finance & Administration, Customs Excise & Preventive Service.

team member

Prof. J.B.K. Aheto, MBA, MPhil, LLB, CPA, CIA, FChPA, FCMC

Chairman EPE Committee

Financial Management Consultant. Training Professional, & the Managing Director of Aheto and Associates Ltd, Accra

team member

Prof. Seth N. Buatsi MBA, MPhil, PhD, FChPA, FCMC

Chairman PCE Committee

ChPA & a CMC, Executive Director for Africa, International Leadership Foundation, & the CEO of Omega Strategic Resources Ltd, Accra, Ghana

team member

Rev. Bennet Elvis Niboi, MChPA, MCMC


An Organizational Development Expert. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Bennet and Bennet Consulting, Takoradi, Ghana

team member

Mr. Dodji Messan Attiogbe, BSc, MBA, PhD student MChPA, MCMC

CHAIRMAN (CC Committee)

Mr. Attiogbe is the Chief IT Specialist and Regional Director, Community Water and Sanitation Agency, Upper West Region of Ghana.

team member

Dr. Mrs. J.N.A. Ankamah-Lomotey, BSc, MBA, DBA, PhD. MChPA, MCMC


She is currently the Head of Admin, Currency Mgmt Dept of Bank of Ghana and a lecturer at Pentecost Uni. and Wisconsin Uni., Accra, Ghana

team member

Dr. David Kwashie Garr, BSc, MBA, PhD. MChPA, MCMC


Financial Management Consultant. Senior Lecturer, Islamic University College, Accra, Ghana, and Presbyterian University College